The Team

FCCT 2017

Team managers

Kelby Bethards
Tim Lynch
Dan Porter


Lots and lots of good people who like to pedal various kinds of bikes.

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6 thoughts on “The Team

  1. I was wondering if you’re opening registration for the 2014 year. And what are race requirements and other details. Thanks.

    Chris Deigert

  2. Hey Chris – I’ll shoot you an email. Membership may be closed for the year, but I’ll send you the email of someone who knows more than I do.


  3. Same question as Chris. I talked to Chris Johnson last summer about it, then crashed and was out for surgeries for 3+ months, so I missed out. What are the requirements for noobs?

  4. Hello – and thanks for stopping by. The biggest requirements as I know it are to be an active, supporting member of the local cycling community – willing to volunteer for events, race local events, etc. However, for more specifics, the man to talk to is Dan Porter. I’ll email you his contact info.


  5. When does or simply does 1st city cycling open its roster?

  6. Hi Scott – Membership is opened each fall around the October/November time frame.


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